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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is really no different then anything else -  you get what you pay for.  You cannot afford to pay the very high cost of a cheap cleaning job. There have been countless times that ABBRA Carpet Cleaning, Inc. has corrected conditions left behind by "bargain" companies.   You will find our prices reasonable, our results phenomenal, and our service extraordinarily above and beyond the ordinary.


Abbra Carpet Cleaning, Inc. uses an External Extraction method, commonly called "Steam Cleaning" or "Hot Water Extraction".   This process consists of spraying a solution of heated water and a specially formulated detergent into the carpet pile and recovering the water and soil with a powerful vacuum into a holding tank. 

This is the only cleaning method classified as "deep cleaning" and is recommended by nearly all carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers.  Any other methods are considered "light surface cleaning" because they are unable to remove soil deep in the pile; in addition, they can leave large amounts of the cleaning agent in the carpet after cleaning.

Abbra Carpet Cleaning, Inc. uses a state-of-the-art, self-contained Truck Mounted Cleaning System in which only the hoses and cleaning tools are brought into the home or business.  This type of system is very powerful and does an excellent job of deep-cleaning your carpets and upholstery.  We use fresh soft water and all waste water is returned to a holding tank within the vehicle.  The extraction power of this system substantially reduces the drying time of your carpets and upholstery. 

A Portable Cleaning System is used as a back up in areas that the truck mounted equipment is unable to access.   Both systems do a much better job than consumer  rental or purchased equipment. 

BEFORE Your Carpeting Is Cleaned...Please do the following:

  • Remove breakables and knick-knacks from areas to be cleaned
  • Move small pieces of furniture such as end tables, coffee table, footstools, lamps,    magazine racks, etc. from areas to be cleaned.
  • If there are a large amount of small items such as boxes, magazines, shoes, etc., please remove these items if you want the carpet cleaned in these areas.
  • Vacuum areas to be cleaned.
  • Arrange for pets and children to be kept away from the areas that we are cleaning and away from all equipment, hoses, etc.
    NOTE: Our technicians will move and clean under your sofa, loveseat and easy chair(s).


PRE-INSPECTION:  Every great carpet cleaning starts with a proper pre-inspection. Our service technician will inspect your particular areas of concern as well as noting carpet construction, and soiling conditions. He will also advise you of any possible permanent staining.

FURNITURE MOVING:  Sofas, loveseats and chairs will be carefully moved and after cleaning will be proected with disposable blocks and tabs.  Larger pieces such as beds, dressers, entertainment centers, bookcases, etc are left in place (insurance issues)???

PRE-CONDITION/PRE-SPOT TREATMENTS:  Traffic areas and spots are pre-treated for more effective soil and spot removal.

CLEANING & EXTRACTION:   We clean with soft water at a temperature range between 200 -235 degrees depending on the fiber content and soiling condition. This step also improves your air quality by removing the pollens, pollutants, and dust mites, etc. from the carpet/upholstery.  Pressure and heat are regulated so that carpet is not over-wet. Once the soil has been loosened our extraction process will remove any excess water.  

NEUTRALIZE:  Every carpet that we clean is PH balanced so no sticky residue is left behind.

POST SPOT TREATMENT:  If any spots were not removed during the cleaning process, specialty-spotting techniques are employed after a through cleaning.   Note: Some stains that are identified by our service technician during the pre-inspection and were not removed during the cleaning process may be permanent.

SCOTCHGARD CARPET PROTECTION (optional):  Carpets protected with Scotchgard last longer, clean up easier and stay clean longer. There is a 24-48 hour curing period required.

DEODORIZING (optional):  

SPEED DRY (optional, when needed):  High velocity air movers may be placed to speed dry the carpet.

POST GROOMING:  The carpet pile is set in up position for faster drying and a better visual appeal.

POST INSPECTION:  Please walk through your home or business to inspect our work. And to let us know that you are pleased, we ask that you sign our service invoice.

AFTER Your Carpeting Is Cleaned…
  • Be careful walking from carpet to hard surfaces; floors can be very slippery.
  • Keep pets and children off of carpet for at least 3-5 hours. 
  • Remove blocks and tabs, from under furniture, 24 hours after carpet is cleaned.
  • You can vacuum the carpet anytime after a 24-hour period.


Minor Odor/Stain Treatment:
We will saturate affected areas with our special urine pre-conditioner/deodorizer and let it work for 30 minutes. Next a special sub-surface extraction tool is used that extracts all the way to the carpet padding. This is a very good alternative to the costly major odor treatment.

Major Odor/Stain Treatment:
This process involves pulling up the carpet in the affected area, cleaning the backing, removing the padding, treating the sub floor, replacing with a new pad, treating the backing of the carpet with a special odor barrier and treating the pile of the carpet (may require multiple visits).


Red stains from wine, kool-aid, jello and other sources may require an additional, intensive treatment with a specialty stain remover formulated to remove or reduce the red/purple from these stains.


Having Scotchgard applied or re-applied will help to:

  • Prevent Many Permanent Stains
  • Minimize Traffic Area Damage
  • Make Future Cleaning More Effective

Regular foot traffic removes much of the factory protection from your carpet. Leaving it unprotected could cause permanent stains and to soil more quickly, develop premature wear and a lower appearance level.   For these reasons,   we recommend re-applying carpet protection after each cleaning of your high traffic areas and after every other cleaning in low traffic areas. 

When carpeting is made, it has two protective properties:  The first  is a "dye blocker" or "stain resist" property which is simply a clear dye to penetrate the fiber.   The second is a "soil resistor" which is a product that is sprayed on the yarn and then baked on at a high temperature. This helps to resist against common dry soil, and as a barrier between the spill and the dye blocker.  Carpet Manufacturers recommend re-applying a protector after cleaning.  

After applying Scotchgard to the carpet, more dry soil may be removed with normal vacuuming and most spots can be removed with plain water.  You will save money on spot cleanings, your carpet will look better every day and will last longer.


ABBRA Carpet Cleaning, Inc. can clean almost any type of fiber, whether synthetics or natural. We carry a variety of effective cleaning procedures for upholstery. After testing the fabric for colorfastness, we will determine exactly how your piece should be cleaned. The fabric is pre-vacuumed, pre-treated, cleaned and rinsed with our very low moisture method (dry in 2 hrs). Our trucks carry a wide verity of pre-conditioners and the tools needed to perform the proper cleaning.   After the fabric is cleaned, it should be protected with a fabric protector. The appropriate protector is applied, upon request, to protect against spillage and excessive soiling. The drying time for this is about 2-4 hours.

We clean rugs from all over the world!

To clean a rug properly, it should be cleaned in an environment where it can be properly dried.  The complete process takes between 7 to 10 days.

The cleaning process is as follows:
1. A turbo vacuum is used to remove as much dry soil as possible from both sides of your rug.
2. Next the rug is then shampooed with a neutral PH oriental rug cleaner (very mild).
3. Next we thoroughly rinse the rug with water.
4. A through extraction follows the rinse.
5.The fringes are now cleaned and groomed by hand.
6. The rugs are also groomed and hung up to dry.
7. If requested, Scotchgard is applied as the final step.

including braided rugs

Similiar procedure as for oriental rugs; braided rugs are cleaned on both sides.

Area rug cleaning can be done in your home or our shop; oriental rugs are cleaned in our shop only.  We can pick up and deliver your rug(s) for a small fee or you may drop them off and pick them up at our shop.


Our firm can also take care of your hard surface flooring needs. We can accomplish this with our state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained technicians. We will be more than happy to provide you with a free quote for this service.

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